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Glaucoma Treatment

Sneaky Danger in the Eye: Eye Tension

Glaucoma (eye pressure disease) characterized as the most important reason why an insidious disease, eye return ool not the lack of any symptoms until the advanced stages of vision loss begins. Glaucoma can be seen in all age groups, including newborns

Glaucoma, which starts with a slow course without making itself felt, can progress rapidly in advanced stages and cause vision loss that cannot be repaired in the visual nerves.

It is very important to diagnose glaucoma early and start treatment without losing time. Unless treated early, it results in permanent vision loss.

Regular eye examination is required once a year for the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as glaucoma, which only make itself felt in advanced stages and have high destruction in the eye.

Regardless of the complaints of patients who come to our center for examination, as North Eye Diseases Center, eye pressure is measured first and foremost. In this way, glaucoma, which has not been noticed before, is determined at the North Eye Diseases Center.

How Does Eye With Glaucoma See?

With the increase of pressure in the intraocular fluid, damage to the optic nerve occurs. This is manifested by contraction in the area of ​​damage. This insidious disease, which does not show any symptoms at the initial stage , can be controlled by eye drops, oil laser or surgery if necessary , without causing loss of vision when it is diagnosed early with a detailed eye examination.
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