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Excimer Lazer


In patients who decide to be excimer laser, your physician will put you through a series of tests for the convenience of your eyes for the operation . One of these tests is corneal tomography .  

Corneal tomography with, structure and shape of your cornea in 3D incelenelerek, your eye is determined whether it is appropriate for this purpose

Wave front

Wavefront applied Excimer Laser is an excimer technique that corrects the cornea in a personal way in order to correct vision . In eligible candidates, the wavefront applied laser can provide better results than standard laser treatment.

Wavefront technology measures that all the rays in the eye's optical system are not gathered at one point and warped. Unlike the standard Laser, the Wavefront Accompanied Laser gives better results in correcting high-grade defects.

No- Touch Method in Laser Eye Treatment

With the no-touch method , which has become popular in recent years in patients who are suitable for operation topographically , thanks to the laser treatment applied without touching the eye, glasses are applied without touching the structure of the eye.  

This operation is performed by only anesthetized with eye drops and the average processing time for the eye 45sn 1 d . After the operation, our patients can completely return to their normal lives within 3 days and get rid of the obligation to use glasses.

LASIK and ICL Method in High Numbers

You can also get rid of your glasses with the LASIK method applied by lifting the flap from the cornea in patients whose glasses are not suitable for the No- Touch method and which are found to be topographically appropriate as a result of the examinations performed .     In addition, it is possible to completely get rid of your glasses with ICL lenses, which are not suitable for the laser topographically with both laser methods .    

What Will Change in Your Life

·    You can easily see your watch and your face in the mirror.

·    You can get a natural look and vision without glasses and lenses.

·    You can provide comfort and higher success in your sports activities.

·    You are less affected by climate events such as wind and rain.

·    You can save money by paying much less for lifetime eyeglasses and lenses once.

You can improve your quality of life by getting rid of the restrictions created by glasses and lenses in your daily activities
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