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Kuzey Göz Hastalıkları Merkezi Northern Eye Diseases Center مركز الشمال لأمراض العيون კუზეი გოზ ჰასთალიქლარი მერქეზი
Comprehensive Eye Examination
Our eyes; Among all our sensory organs, besides seeing the beauties of the world, it also contributes to 85% of our perception and stands out as the most complex and important organ in our body after our brain.

Our eyes, the second most important organ of our body, are directly affected by many health problems such as age, malnutrition, external factors, genetic and systematic diseases.

Even if you do not have any vision problems, a comprehensive eye examination that you will have every year will ensure that you continue to see the beauty of life with  healthy eyes for many years.

Thanks to the comprehensive eye examination, the health map of the eye is created and it is possible to diagnose many different diseases such as diabetes, brain tumor, Alzheimer's, blood and heart diseases, metabolic disorders and Parkinson.

Comprehensive 7-Stage Eye Examination

1- Visual Acuity Test: Your vision level in far and near fine details is measured by tests consisting of numbers or letters.

2- Spectacle Examination: The state of refraction of the eyes is measured with highly advanced technological devices and your doctor determines your myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism status, which will make you better see under this information.

3- Eyelid Examination: Eyelids , eyelash bottoms, tear glands-ducts and the condition of the areas around the eyes are examined. 

4- Eye Muscle Examination: The inner muscles of the eye control the movement of the pupil. The outer muscles of the eye also keep the eyes parallel. The freedom and parallelism of eye movements in all directions are examined and strabismus and double vision are determined. 

5- Eye Blood Pressure Measurement: With highly advanced devices, eye pressure is detected automatically only by air contact. In doubtful situations, your doctor can also detect your intraocular pressure with the help of manual methods. These measurements are of great importance for the early diagnosis of glaucoma disease. 

6- Biomicroscopic Examination: With the special examination device with slotted lamp developed for Eye Examination, the eyelid, conjunctiva , cornea, iris and lens layers of your eye are examined in detail. 

7- Drip Retinal Examination:  This drip examination reveals both eye damage such as yellow spot, retinal tear- decoma , glaucoma, and can also give information about the damage done to the vascular system of diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. It can also be vital for diagnosing a brain tumor and some other diseases. Controlling the eye bottoms with drops is of great importance for early diagnosis and correct treatment. 

Kuzey Göz Hastalıkları Merkezi ( Son Güncelleme 30/11/2023) Northern Eye Diseases Center ( Update Date 30/11/2023) مركز الشمال لأمراض العيون: ( 30/11/2023) კუზეი გოზ ჰასთალიქლარი მერქეზი ( 30/11/2023)
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