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Child Eye Exam
Eye Examination Has No Specific Age

Refractive errors are encountered in some patients who come without
any complaints. The detection and treatment of these defects until the age of 7, which we call the sensitive period, is very important in preventing lazy eye. The child with complaints can be examined easily by experienced eye diseases specialists at any age.

Regular Eye Examination is Important in Children

Thanks to regular examinations, the problem of low vision, the diseases causing it and strabismus can be detected early. In addition, unwanted eye movements called eyelid drops, congenital cataracts and nystagmus can be diagnosed in this period and treatment can be started.

In order to protect the eyes of children in the 0-16 age group, it is necessary to have regular eye exams immediately after birth, when the baby is 6 months old, before starting school and during the school.

North Eye Difference in Pediatric Eye Health

·    Specialist ophthalmologists

·    Experienced healthcare professionals

·    Play rooms for pediatric patients

The latest technological infrastructure test devices for the follow-up and treatment of pediatric eye diseases

·    Experienced anesthesiologists

·    Operating rooms with high level hygiene and sterilization

We are at your service with personal and disposable materials.
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